Life and Learning Influences x5

An important asset in life is building a solid foundation. A key component in that foundation is education. There are so many things that have influenced me as a learner. But there are 5 things that really helped shape me as a learner. They are; family, coaching, ranch life, photography, and education.

My family has probably had the greatest influence on me. They push me to do better all the time, encouraging words and prayers have really made me the learner I am. I have two younger siblings; a sister who is a 6th grader and a brother who is a 4th grader. Watching them grow up has really made me think about setting examples and achieving goals to show them to never give up.


Sports have always been a huge part of my life. In high school, I played volleyball and basketball and ran track. I was constantly busy, so between school and sports and all the other activities I was involved in, I really had to use my time wisely. Time management has carried over to college, I am usually (notice I said usually) pretty good with my time. Another aspect of sports was sharing the love of the game. Coaching has greatly impacted my life as a learner. I currently am an assistant junior high and high school girls coach. Now for those of you who have dealt with teenage girls, you know that they can sometimes be little rascals 😉 Coaching these girls has helped me to share my knowledge of the game, as well as expand my knowledge of diverse learners.


My first ride on a horse was when I was 3 weeks old. I’ve grown up on a ranch my whole life, and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. From caring about the livestock, to walking a fence line, and even bouncing around on that rough old rake tractor, ranching has taught me many lessons. Respect,hard work, and patience have helped me the most in the classroom. For example, cattle and the land give us so much life, you give and you take. It’s a constant cycle. This is true in the classroom and even with work. Taking this into the future as a teacher, you have to give to the students if you expect feedback.


Merriam Webster defines perspective as, an optical glass, (as a telescope). In my spare time, I enjoy photography. I have two cameras, with a few sizes of lenses. These two cameras and those lenses have seen many different things, from things on the ranch, to little newborn babies. Photography has taught me to always have an open mind in life. I always keep in the back of my mind, it’s all about perspective. It’s honestly all about how you look at things. The more positive perspective you have, the better off you are. I’ve caught myself several times having a negative outlook on many things. Then I remind myself that being negative will get me nowhere.

And last but not least, education has definitely shaped the learner I am today.  As I look back on it, I have come a long ways from the days of playing Barbies with my friends at daycare. I grew up in a small school and then coming to Chadron was a nice transition. My education life has helped me build connections and relationships with people that I will cherish forever. Seminars I have attended, classes I have taken, and projects I have completed have really helped me.



4 thoughts on “Life and Learning Influences x5

  1. I really like how you put the description of perspective as a telescope when talking about taking pictures! Your photography looks great, and it shows that you take pictures of what you love. I too struggle with negative perspectives, and do my best to flip that around. I am glad school has been so positive for you, that is great for someone who is going to be a teacher to make it better for their students!

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  2. Great post!! I really like how you put a big emphasis on building a solid foundation, and how you included having an education on your list. I also think that it is very cool that you are a coach. I love all sports and I have learned that a good coach can really make an impact on your life on and off the court. You are also very brave taking on those junior high girls! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I loved reading that your experience as an assistant junior high and high school girls coach has expanded your understanding of diverse learners. Everyone is so very different, whether young or old. It makes good teachers/coaches really work to KNOW you to be able to reach you in the best way. Really great photos here. Thanks for sharing and my apologies for posting so late. Have a great rest of the week!


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