Reflection Week 2

I give Logan La Plante kudos! How many teenagers will get up on a stage and talk to that many people? From the teenagers I’ve been around–not many. I understand why his parents pulled him from school, although it’s not something I’d do myself.

Going on to the reading, Hunt really caught my attention with the use of lenses. We need to get a better grasp on perspective and how we see things. As a teacher, you need to be able to recognize what’s going on around us in our learning environments. Our “camera” bags will have several lenses in them. Three lenses that Hunt points out are; making, hacking, and playing.

Making- allowing children to create something to show for *their* work. As the children begin to make more things, they are building their learning portfolio.

Hacking- Has definitely lost its true meaning, all we see it as now is “bad”. Hackers improve things, they make a difference. In schools there aren’t enough people willing to take the risk to become a hacker. As it seems, no one wants to make a difference.

Play- Play allows for creativity, what does creativity lead to? HACKING!


5 thoughts on “Reflection Week 2

  1. After listening to Logan’s talk it put a different view of hacking into my mind. I always thought of it as a bad thing. Now I will encourage it in my future classroom. I really liked when you said that creativity leads to hacking.

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  2. Shontell,
    I agree with you on how many teens would you see getting up and talking in front of a bunch of people. I can tell you that I have trouble with that. I like how you are incorporating Hunt’s lenses with your photography.I think that it you are being very creative when you are wanting to have your students create a profile and how hacking is making a difference.

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