Hmmm… What do I write about?

As I begin the ILP journey, I went to my favorite study buddy, Google. There are so many things that I want to write about, but who do I narrow it down?! While searching, I found a list of 81 topics for starting a blog (81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters) as I began to read through the list, my wheels began to turn.

I broke down my thoughts into categories- things I like and things I am interested in. Some  things that I liked from the list included were; cooking, foods, healthy living, becoming a wine connoisseur (I mean a teacher has to have some wine right?! 😉 ), small businesses, and careers vs jobs, following your passions. I also began to think of ideas on my own, these ideas included; photography, coaching, basketball (pretty boring I know), cattle work, horses, family, and relationships.

I looked back and compared both lists and tried to combine the ideas into something I really could work with. After some thinking, and a few breaks, I decided to write my ILP on ranch life.

Throughout the semester, I will be sharing photos, stories, experiences, and maybe even some recipes. With the topic I have selected, I would really like to learn from myself, and the experiences and doing some outside research to expand my knowledge!


14 thoughts on “Hmmm… What do I write about?

  1. It’s always difficult to narrow in on one specific new thing to learn about for the semester. I have so many new areas of learning I would love to dive into. Your topic of ranch life is an extremely broad one, so feel free to tweak it a bit and narrow on a new learning experience. I really hope everyone’s able select some specific goals to focus on and grow through, this semester — things you don’t already know how to do or that take a lot of practice to perfect. Five hours of activity this week (not counting blogging) seems like a lot, but it’s the major jump start into the rest of the semester. Have fun!

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  2. I love this topic. I cannot wait to hear about all your experiences and hopefully some delicious recipes as well. I really love ranch life and all the aspects that contribute to it…so I am excited to hear your insight into the entire idea.


  3. I had difficulty choosing a topic too because it is so hard to pick just one thing to dedicate this time to when there is so many good ideas. I’ve lived in a rural area my whole life, but I’m not too familiar with “ranch life.” I look forward to learning more about it in your future blog posts!

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  4. I am excited to see what you come up with! You made me laugh with your wine and teacher comment, because I completely 100% agree :). Also, if you do find any good recipes please share! I have also been experimenting with my cooking skills lately and definitely want to become better at it. Relationships can be another great thing to write about, because everyone can learn from and relate to them! Good luck on your research, great topic.

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  5. Because you have grown up in Nebraska on a farm, is there a specific ranch activity that you will be learning for you ILP. Is there anything that you haven’t done before that you will take an interest in this winter? My family farms and I have worked with show cattle my entire life and I think that it sounds like a wonderful idea for your project! Everyday certainly will be something new!

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  6. Once you narrow down your topic I believe you will have a good blog on your hands. There is no doubt that yours will be unique! Ranch life has many hidden lessons and I am excited to see if you can bring them to life. Keep at it Roseberry!!

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