Dig Lit– What is it?

The Definition of Digital Literacy

When I was in elementary school, getting to use technology in the classroom was really rare. But I did go to a small country school so that might have had something to do with it. As I got into junior high, we had a class hour for typing and keyboarding and one for computer programs. I honestly never used technology for research until I was a freshman.

I think that using technology in the classroom is an outstanding idea, as long as there is some kind of limit to the use. I plan on working with Pre-K and Kindergarten students, now in my opinion, there should be a small tiny amount of technology used. Sure they need to get used to it, but most of those kids probably spend 85% of their time at home playing on some sort of tech device.

Digital literacy provides the educational world with ways to connect to the oustide world with resources, educational games, new reading material, and even pictures to help teachers and caregivers explain things to children and students. Digital literacy even provides the opportunity for educators to connect with other educators to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

I can’t wait for the day when I am a teacher and I get to show students that there is more to technology than just games and social media.


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