Sometimes when I am doing homework, I turn on Ted Talks on YouTube, and just let them play on “shuffle.” I have listened to several that I really enjoy but I always forget to write them down. I took the suggestion listed in this week’s assignments, I just typed in education Ted Talks.

I was honestly looking f

or something short, as I have an easier time analyzing it without overthinking it. The video I selected was about confidence.  The headliner confidence struck out to me, as I think it is something that so many young adults lack in today’s world. I get the opportunity to help coach junior high and high school girls. One thing that I’ve noticed is so common between the two is confidence. Sure, they make look like they are full of confidence and have no worries whatsoever. But when you sit down one-on-one with them, you see a whole new side to them. One you didn’t realize existed.


The speaker in the Ted Talk was a freshman in high school when she gave her presentation; she had just come out of junior high and was noticing many of the same things that I have with young women and men. The one point she made in her short 6 minute video was positivity. There are so many ways that we can incorporate positivity into our lives. Creating a positive environment in the classroom is something that will definitely help immensely in creating that state of mind for young adults.

I then began to think about how I would incorporate positive attitude into an early childhood classroom. Encouraging words at a young age can do so much. A simple smile and acknowledgement to a youngn’ who has painted a rainbow, or one who is struggling to write their name just right. A “you can do it!” when they’re learning to ride the bike without the training wheels. Positive posters on the walls and in the halls, notes home to start using more positivity, and having staff with positive attitudes can really help those children.

When I worked in the head start, and there was a child who maybe was a little hesitant to try something new, I always tried to encourage them to try it. My famous saying is, “You won’t know if you don’t like it until you try it!” I got quite a few looks that were both good and bad. It’s a lot harder than you think to talk a four-year-old into doing something.



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