Working cows, Janis Joplin, and dinner with the guys.

This title is all kinds of random, I know, but once I explain it, you might get the hang of it. Last Wednesday, we preconditioned our calves, I shouldn’t say we, I was in the kitchen all morning 😛

Up early at 5 AM, the guys caught their horses and I preheated my oven. You can’t have hungry cowboys trying to work cattle! When the cows were in and sorted, I delivered my goods- cinnamon rolls and orange juice. With the quick little break, they were ready to go back to work, and I headed back to the kitchen.

As I began laying out all of my ingredients , I turned on Pandora to my favorite station; Janis Joplin Radio. As I was laying everything out, I was strategizing how long each food would take to cook and when I would need to start it. I began singing, and cooking. Cooking my life away. While I was cooking, I had no worries, I was in my happy place! But I couldn’t help but think, how could my cooking preparations be transferred to the classroom?

As a teacher, preparation is definitely a major key. Laying out all the components of a lesson plan is almost identical to laying out ingredients in the kitchen. Everything has to be laid out in order, to be placed just right.

I was also thinking about music in the classroom? I think that music is an open door to creativity. When I’m dancing around in the kitchen when I cook, my creative juices begin flowing and motivation is at it’s highest. Children listening to music can be inspired to create, play, and even learn. There is nothing greater than seeing children dancing and singing in the classroom with huge smiles on their faces.

Jumping back into cooking, I occasionally glance out the window to check the progress of the cattle work, a check point to make sure I get lunch done on time. The first bunch is done, and I almost have everything ready to go into the roaster and crockpots. The dinner I have decided to serve is cavatini, green beans, salad, and for desert pound cake with peaches and cream. (Recipes attached!)

file2 (1).jpeg

Bunch number two is done and I have a group of hungry guys ready to chow down! As they wash their hands, they laugh and tell a few stories, but once they enter the kitchen, its chow time. One by one they load their plates and sit at the table. They’re still chatting away between bites, stories from the morning as well as stories from days past.

This reminded me of something else, children gathering around the table sharing memories. A lot of times, the only time children have “family” dinner time is at school with their friends. To me this is so important to ensure that the children have a time to sit down and share with their friends.

Desert was served and the stories slowly dissolved into good-byes. Horses were loaded and our help was headed home to their ranch duties.  The cattle were worked, the men were fed, and I cleaned up the kitchen  with Janis Joplin.


One thought on “Working cows, Janis Joplin, and dinner with the guys.

  1. I love how you have compared your cooking to working in a classroom. I think it’s just brilliant the way you have broken it down into the fact that laying out components is important in both cooking and lesson planning, I agree 100%! I also think music is a great tool not only in a kitchen but definitely in a classroom. Students get bored sitting in desks all day, music and movement help them get motivated to get more work done.


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