Passion Based Learning


Two points really stuck out to me in the first article I read. I have listed them at the end. Why did they stick out to me? As a future teacher, it is my goal to get to know each of my students so that I can help them to become the best that they can be. It may be kind of hard to ask a preschooler what they are passionate about, but simply helping them to discover what they love will help them to develop a passion for something. As an early childhood educator, I would really like to help those children develop a personality and become their own person.

They will soon realize that they are different from one another when it comes to their likes an dislikes. Some of them may have the same interests while others may have total opposite interests. It is important to bring them together as one unit to collaborate those interests to create one large “puzzle”. This week when I was searching for an image to put with my post. I found one that looks like a cork board with passion pinned to it. I think of this as a classroom asset, as a teacher, I can take a large board and hang it up in my classroom, and allow the children to use that board to share and collaborate on ideas.

1. Find out what each child innately passionate about.

2. Be an instructor that exudes passion for topic, and infect your students with that excitement.


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