The Age of Aquarius and…. Duck Eggs?

For those of you who know the song, Age of Aquarius, you might’ve started singing the words. If you have not heard this song and would like one to be stuck in your head, here’s the link for a great song to have stuck in your head! Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun In

IMG_0490This morning, I had a breakfast guest, my little brother, and probably the biggest critic. He’s only 10, but a 10 year-old can have more opinions than a 90 year-old! So, I decided I’d maybe make him a nice breakfast and see what he had to say. This mornings menu included: a bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on a biscuit or crescent roll. The twist? I used duck eggs! I was really hesitant at first to use the eggs, but then I got to thinking, well they are eggs, they really can’t be that different are they? Well, they aren’t, they have a slightly larger yolk than a chicken egg, but other than that there isn’t much difference. So,IMG_0489.JPG everything is cooked and ready to be served, I go to get the boys, as I walk in to the living room, I see that they’re both glued to the TV… Who knew Paw Patrol could be so amusing to a 23 year old and ten year old!?

So my brother fixes his sandwich, looks at me and goes, “Sissy this tastes great!” SUCCESS!!!! I’m doing a victory dance in my head but just give him a simple smile and a thank you.

What was I jamming to while cooking? My 60s radio station on Pandora. I am a flower child at heart. 60s music is so relaxing and “cool” for me. I’m instantly chill as soon as the music starts playing. It’s definitely one of those genres that makes you want to sway and sing.

My duck egg hesitation reminded me of something in the classroom, a lot of children are hesitant to try new things, so if we can help them to weigh the pros and cons of something, they will become more confident with their choices. They can spread that confidence with their peers and help them conquer fears as well.


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