The PLN of a Future Early Childhood Teacher

Building connections and relationships as a student and as an educator is a major key in life. Your connections can not only help you, but your peers, students, family, and your own children. You never know when you might get yourself into a pickle and need help. PLNs provide us with resources for our classrooms and even our home life.

Creating these PLNs has been awesome for me, I enjoy reading what others may think of a situation, or how there are other ways to handle a situation. Getting another opinion never hurts anything, and some experts give the best advice as well as provide links for resources, and even other experts. PLNs can be trusted, something you can fall back on when stuck planning a lesson, or rearranging your classroom to fit your kids just right.

I am an early childhood inclusive major, so I was debating on what Twitter pages and blogs I should follow to build this network. I followed some special education Twitter pages, some for high school as well as some for early childhood. I thought that maybe following both education levels that I could use the advice and resources from both to make connections in homework cases as well as when I am in the classroom.

The one Twitter page that stuck out to me was Teach Preschool, this page is ran by Debora Stewart an educator for over 25 years. Not only is there a Twitter page, but also a blog to go with! This blog allows you to sign up for daily updates, special offers, things like that. So I of course had to type mine in! I was exploring her Twitter feed, she re-tweets so many different topics, it is just unreal! I’m so glad that I followed this page so that I too have access to those resources.


2 thoughts on “The PLN of a Future Early Childhood Teacher

  1. I agree with the second opinion bit! On almost every decision I’m not informed about or want to know more on I get on google and try to find others that have made similar decisions and see how that turned out for them. This PLN is an extension of that kind of thinking; we’re getting second opinions from experts in our field that can help us make the right decisions in our classroom, and I’ll never stop needing that.

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  2. I appreciate reading your thoughts about growing your PLN. I, too, benefit from the glimpse into another teacher’s classroom. So often I get ideas for my college classes from the elementary teachers I follow on Twitter! I know that my PLN really enriches my teaching.

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