So, I Googled Myself

I always remember teachers telling us to watch what we posted on social media or anywhere else on the internet was free game to the rest of the world. So I was interested today to see what others would see if they were to Google my name.

I was expecting to find links to my Facebook and Twitter… But I also found the links to my photography website and my Pinterest account. I even found a basketball recruit profile, that I had forgotten I had created when I was a senior.. Clearly I thought college athletics were in my future! 😛

If one were to click on the Pinterest link, there would be many photography and food related pins! My Facebook account is full of cat videos and pictures of cows, and maybe a few posts making fun of the Huskers. I’d have to say that out of my social media apps that I am most active on Facebook.. And I have to admit I am that person that sees someones posts that has no likes… And I will be the first and maybe the only person to like it.

Images that pop up are some from blogs that I have posted, one was a senior picture from a local newspaper near my high school, and some pictures that were featured in articles that I may have been mentioned in.

It was kind of cool to “stalk” myself on the internet. Just to see what I could find, to see what ever74d2b8a7fc357cf91d76d82c3e6d6a23--dont-judge-internetyone else would find.


One thought on “So, I Googled Myself

  1. Shontell,
    I also found out that I am more active on Facebook then any other social media platform, even though I mostly just scroll through and do not post very many statuses. I found a couple of photos on google images from high school, but that was about it. There are so many other people named Paige Bush out there in the world it was hard to find other stuff about myself! Thank you for posting and sharing your ideas on this topic!


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