“A Reflection” … Don’t worry I have a song for this too…

Reflecting back on the semester so far was kind of sad actually.. Why? Well we are already half-way into this semester! Time is going by way too fast. There are so many technology related resources that I have learned about this semester. I honestly thought at the beginning of the semester that I wouldn’t be getting anything out of this class.

As an early childhood major, I feel very strongly about having minimum technology resources in the classroom/care center. I want the children to explore on their own and not become dependent on a technological device. But what really amazes me is the amount of resources that are out there for both teacher and parent access. Using these resources as a teacher creates so many relationships and completes the puzzle piece-by-piece.

One thing I have really enjyed about this class are the Ted Talks we’ve been assigned, as well as discovering our own to watch. I think you could probably find a talk on anything if you really dug deep.

So in honor of mid term week, here’s a little jam for ya to celebrate making it halfway through the semester!


One thought on ““A Reflection” … Don’t worry I have a song for this too…

  1. I agree with you completely! It is important for students to know how to function and learn without technology as well as with it! It is a tool, not a distraction if we teachers incorporate it correctly.

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