Digital Videos and Podcasts and Videos.. Oh My!

When I was in elementary school, technology wasn’t popular.. I mean we still had a dinosaur computer to play Oregon Trail.. So honestly online anything wouldn’t have appealed to me. I LOVED to read back then so I was more comfortable with actual reading material. Now that I have worked with kids in elementary school, I can definitely see the digital productions being more popular and used more. I can’t honestly say I’ve watched a podcast myself, so I guess I better get on that!

I think that I can handle creating a digital storytelling lesson for a young group of children, but if I was asked to do so for middle or high school students, it would be awful! There are so many things that spark their interests, it would be hard to focus on just one thing that would be an asset.

skippyjonjonesIn high school, I was in speech nerd.  One year for humorous prose, I decided to use one of my favorite books, Skippy Jon Jones. It was probably one of the most fun pieces I did in the four years I was in school. I think I could recite it again, using my different characters and voices, and maybe create some kind of digital story!


4 thoughts on “Digital Videos and Podcasts and Videos.. Oh My!

  1. I also do not think that I would have liked podcasts or digital storytelling when I was in school. We just did not have the technology to do so. I think now days that it is very important to include technology in the classroom. Therefore, I would have to do some research, but I am sure it would not be that difficult to come up with a digital story lesson plan for Elementary students.

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