ILP Wrap Up

There are so many things that I have learned from my ILP. I’ve expanded my music genre interest, I’ve tried recipes that I never thought I would, and I’ve also tried foods I never thought I would. But most of all, I’ve been able to make a connection between my cooking in the kitchen and listening to music, to the classroom.

When we were asked to choose a topic, the one I selected had me thinking twice. I was thinking that it was either going to be a huge hit or just the bottom notch kind of topic that everyone sees and just passes by. Hearing from positive remarks from classmates who were interested in my topic helped tremendously… I did a little bit of a happy dance.. *high-fives self*

As I begin to move forward, I think of all the ways I can incorporate a recipe into class… just the right amount of music here, not too much sitting time over there, and just a slice of giggle play time. I’ve always loved music and I’ve noticed more and more students are using music to help them focus, whether it be in high school, middle school, or even upper elementary. I’ve created several lesson plans for kindergarten/preschool age children and I’ve tried my best to create transitions using music, knowing that it will give the kids something fun to sing/dance to while moving about the classroom.


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